TriStar Plus VSC Now Available for All Auto Contracts

Dealers nationwide can now offer TriStar vehicle service contracts (VSC) on any auto finance products for all finance sources. TriStar Plus, VSC and Tire & Wheel coverage for military and non-military customers, is available on all contracts, whether financed with Security National Automotive Acceptance Company (SNAAC) or another finance source.

TriStar, the preferred provider of SNAAC, has built coverage options based on what customers need most and with benefits not available with many other VSC products.  With TriStar’s coverage, customers can save money and pay less on claims. TriStar customizes plans to allow customers to choose the coverage that meets their needs – terms, length of coverage, and mileage. And every plan offers roadside assistance, substitute transportation and trip interruption at no additional cost.

TriStar’s industry-leading military specific benefits, such as deployment extensions and overseas claims coverage, offer military customers the exclusive coverage they need while serving our country.

And TriStar’s online E-rating makes it easy for dealers to find the right coverage for customers, based on the specific risk of their vehicle and mileage.

With TriStar Plus benefits, dealers profit at the point of sale and in repair services – selling more vehicle services contracts upfront to customers, and receiving full retail labor rates for approved repairs.

“When purchasing TriStar, both military and non-military customers get top-notch coverage, backed by an A+ rated insurer to give them the security that approved claims will always be properly covered,” highlighted Lana Jreisat, Product Manager. “And our dealers have the confidence that they have a trusted partner working to protect their customers.”