SNAAC Leads Innovation for Non-Prime Lending

Auto dealers have consistently emphasized speed as one of the most important criterion they look for in a finance source – speed of approvals and speed of purchasing. Security National Automotive Acceptance Company (SNAAC) is at the forefront of innovation in the dealer experience, focusing on speed across the process.

SNAAC recently streamlined the underwriting and purchasing process – with faster credit decisions, less paperwork, fewer signatures, and a proactive approach to the closing process.

Over 80% of the applications SNAAC received were instantly decisioned; fewer than 20% required some type of credit review. Of those applications in review, decision time was less than 10 minutes. SNAAC’s industry-leading speed of service allows dealers to put more cars on the road.

“Our goal is to provide credible and valuable responses to our dealers as fast as possible,” said Steve Miller, National Director of Sales and Marketing for SNAAC. “And with over 90% of contracts processed through e-sign, dealers experience a fantastic purchasing process.

Recently Doris Lustiano, Finance Manager at Mike Reed Chevrolet in Hinesville, GA spoke about her experiences with the SNAAC team at the ground level “SNAAC has been a big part of our business here. I love the ability to be able to get on SNAAC Now and input my own deals, switch units with ease, and really work with the structure without having to pick up the phone and call every time we make a change.” Doris went on to say that “the SNAAC team takes good care of me and I think that has really developed into a good partnership with all of our military business here in town.”

Dealer feedback from SNAAC’s recent Voice of the Customer survey highlighted SNAAC’s purchasing process was well above the industry average. Nearly 80% of contracts were purchased in less than 48 hours, and 50% of contracts were purchased in less than 8 hours. This year SNAAC broke its own industry-leading purchasing record – with many contracts purchased within 5 minutes of receipt.

“The culture of SNAAC’s Purchasing department is of continuous improvement – in speed, in associate capacity, and in dealer service,” said Ryan Wombold, Director of Credit and Purchasing. “With our proactive approach to speed to purchasing, we ensure the dealer-facing product is the best it can be.”

“Our goal is to be the easiest to do business with in the non-prime industry,” Miller continued. “We are investing in the technology to offer our dealers the best experience.”


About Security National Automotive Acceptance Company (SNAAC)

SNAAC is a privately-held retail sales finance company that purchases and services retail sales contracts from auto dealers nationwide. Established in the industry for 30 years, SNAAC provides dealers with customized financing solutions for consumers through competitive programs and an unparalleled service experience. Based in Cincinnati, OH, SNAAC continues a long-standing commitment to support causes that enrich local communities, including United Way of Greater Cincinnati and USA Cares, and has been consecutively named as one of Greater Cincinnati’s Top Workplaces. For more information, visit